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Pneumatic Linear PCB Separator MDS-620

Quick Overview

MDS-620 cuts flexible and ultra-thin PCBs clean, with no ripping or tearing, the linear rather than circular, cutting surfaces allow for faster separations without added stress.

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MDS-620 Pneumatic Linear PCB Separator Feature

Adjust blades to PCB score line using rotary knob.

Boards are separated without bending or breaking.

Safe for use with flexible and thin (to 0.5mm) PCBs.

Smooth, quiet pneumatic-powered unit with  foot -pedal activation.

Wedge-shaped linear blades contour to v-groove score lines and operate in a rocking motion.

Can be used with aluminum and other substrates, including substrates with metal inner layers.

MDS-620 - Specifications



 PCB Thickness

 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm

 Maximum Depaneling Length

 330 mm

 Maximum Component Height

 20 mm

 Depaneling Mode


 Separating Speed


 Scoring Angle


 Power Supply

 220V,50HZ, 110V,50HZ(option)

 Starting mode


 Air requirement


 Product Size


 Net Weight

 138 kg

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