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LIFO Vertical Buffer Series

Quick Overview
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This unit allows buffering of PCB's in LIFO mode. It uses belt segments to hold the PCB over its complete lenght. When adding or extracting a PCB to/from the buffer a drive mechanism engages with the belt segment to smoothly transfer the PCB in- or out.

LIFO Vertical Buffer Series Features

Pannasonic PLC Program control.

Buffer in LIFO and by-pass mode.

Selectable pitch settings.

Enclosed construction improve level of safety

The status of each slot can be changed independently.

Conveyor width adjustment using hand wheel.
Threshold signal to protect PCB's in upstream oven.

● User friendly “soft touch” LED membane control panel.

Towerlight display for machine status.

SMEMA compatible.

LIFO Vertical Buffer Series Specifications

Transport height:

910mm ±30mm

Transfer direction:

Left to right

Operation side:

Front of the machine

Fixed rail:

Front of the machine



Conveyer concept:

ESD flat belt

Belt speed:

0.5-20m/min adjustable

PCB edge support:


Power supply:

230 VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph

Power consumption:

250VA max. or specify

Air supply:

4-6 bar

Air consumption:

15 ltr/min max

Cycle time:

± 15 seconds

Pitch distance:

20mm or specify

Buffer capacity:

25 PCBs

* or specify

LIFO Vertical buffer.png




 Machine Dimension (L x W x H)

 485 x 950 x 1680

 650 x 1150 x  1680




 PCB length

 50mm - 380mm

 50mm - 530mm

 PCB width

 50mm - 330mm

 50mm - 460mm

 PCB Thinckness

 0.6mm – 4.0mm

 0.6mm – 4.0mm

 Fixed rail to front  dimension(A)



* Customized is available

LIFO Vertical Buffer Series Options

Automatic width adjustment (set in touchscreen).

Additional PCB boards capacity.

Cantilevered input- or output conveyor (length 500 mm)

Other options available on request.

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