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A Professional SMT Equipments Provider !!!

ABOUT US: Over the past 20 years in China SMT has grown from zero to a mature significant industry. At the same time, the overseas branded machines have been replaced by local “made in China” machines. From simple PCB handling conveyors to reflow ovens, stencil printers, AOI and SPI, wave solder, soldering robots, selective soldering and conformal coating materials and machines, potting, and dispensing machines. This storm has swept to pick&place machines, which is the core of SMT line, where today 90% of LED manufactures in China are using the LED pick&place machines made in China. Under these circumstances, our company has been formed, with a focus on overseas markets, with the following services, to help our customers:

Under this circumstance, we form this company.It will focus in overseas market and do the below jobs to help customer:

1. Machine range: We are a one-stop SMT solution company, providing all SMT production, inspection and rework machines, spare-parts, consumables etc. All main-line manufacturing production equipment like wave solder, reflow ovens, printers, p&p, PCB conveyors/handling, AOI, SPI, Conformal coating, dispensing, selective soldering, PCBA cleaner etc. Replacement parts like conveyor fingers for different wave solder systems, p&p feeders and nozzles etc, consumable material like glues, solder wire etc. This will save customers a significant amount of time. Three different suppliers for one single item would be compared, as opposed to capitalizing on the mass investigation into the market completed before we present our machines and recommend to our customers.

2. Quality check: For all systems shipped to customer’s sites.Certification and compliance has been completed by International Compliance Consultants for each machine released by our team. Plus QC checking will cover safety, electrical, mechanical, functionality, cleanness and packing. All machines need to pass through an aging time process, which will simulate working conditions at a customer site.


3. Machine record database: A database of all installed machines is established, ensuring trace-ability of all component versions. It will cover a machine’s configuration and parts used in the machine. This will maintain our ability to support customers, for many years after the machine has been replaced.


4. Machine Documentation: Full Specifications, Installation, Operational and any software detailed  manuals, operational videos, sales support videos and presentations for each machine, are available. All provided in English.


5. Financial support: We are working with HSBC bank and local banks to provide a LC service, when the order amount is over certain value. This means if a customer has a good reputation at their bank, they can order, take delivery and go into production without any down payments.


6. Installation and after sale service: All supporting technical engineers graduated from Electronic & Mechanical departments of Universities, they have good English. They have been fully trained at manufactures sites, so on-site installation and training for each system is available, if required.


General: We are based in China, we know the component and systems manufacturers very well. We provide advice and guidance in order to help our customers through the procurement of a system in order to provide the proper solution, in the correct time frame and within budget. “To be the No.1 SMT solution service company” this is our goal, to distribute quality Chinese products internationally and help our customers minimize costs without sacrificing the product’s value and quality.

Our Divisions



With experienced engineering team, source & qualify competitive machine manufacture in China, Korea & Japan. Our task is to understand the correct requirement from our distributors & customers, support customer to build their production line, monitoring the machine manufacturing quality and final quality, coordinating shipping, provide pre-training at our demo center, installation service at customer’s factory. Base in China, we established our demo center with all machine we represented, also with database record of each machine delivered by us, we can support our customer in case the manufacture is not exist.To share the world with competitive China automation solution, this is what we are doing.

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By supporting from 1CLICK SMT ASIA, EUROPE company Larvotec owned by Martin Ziehbrunner will provide quick reaction to local Europe customers. From discussing customer’s requirement till machine installation & training & service, it’s all done by experienced Europe local team. With spare parts stock in Larvotec, customer can enjoy a quick supporting in future.


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By supporting from 1CLICK SMT ASIA, USA company Phoenix Tech will provide sales, installation & training in USA. The owner Dave Gaydos has plenty experience about IPC-610, J-STD 001 and military. With spare parts stock in Phoenix, customer can enjoy a quick supporting in future.