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Inline SPI Machine S-510I

Quick Overview

Inline SPI Machine S510I were designed to make in-house Inline SPI , This series SPI apply to small and normal size PCB , and satisfy customers with small investment to inspect printing quality, moving convenience, simple operation and high accuracy,  the highest cost performance options for customers. and acceptable by CE certification.

Phase modulation profiler metry.jpg


Phase modulation profiler metry
Through the phase modulation of full light spectrum, provide a height resolution down  to (0.37um), the number of 4-8 times sampling ensure high repeatability . Use high-precision ball screw and linear guide rail to realize perfect detection result.

3D Diffuse lighting.jpg


3D Diffuse lighting & active RGB 2D light source
The use of synchronous structure light perfect solve the influence of the shaded part in solder paste inspection. Based on RGB two-dimensional light source, perfect the base board of high contrast. Like black solder mask and ceramic PCB, etc. Meanwhile, we can provide 2D/3D solder paste color images.  

Telecentric Lens is good for warpage  compensation , capability is ±5mm


ØTelecentric Lens is good for warpage  compensation , capability is ±5mm

High resolution image processing system.jpg


High resolution image processing system

5M  pixel industrial CCD to ensure that the extremely small components and high  precision SMT (01005) were stable and rapid detection.

5M  pixel industrial CCD inspection speed up 25% than other brand 

Provide  8um/10um/12um/15um/18um.20um, such as a variety of precision.


Z axis real time and static vision compensation capability.jpg


Z axis real time and static vision compensation capability

The Characteristics of PSLM provide the real-time dynamic tracking on the rigid PCB, for flexible PCB, use static vision compensation to perfectly solve the warpage problems of flexible PCB.

Glue Inspection.jpg



PLSM  3D measurement can reach +/-1200um with RGB Tune function is capable of high  accurate measuring of none transparent glue proces.
Including  missing, overflow, excess, shape and combination view of 2D/3D images
Red  Glue Inspection is available (Option)




Multi Array Mark Detection

For multi-array PCB mark, use dynamic capture function, there is no need to capture image one by one and reduce detect time dramatically.

Bad mark on the fly detection function.jpg


Bad mark on the fly detection function.

Automatically on the fly detect PCB bad mark, feed the info into pick and place machine in real time control loop.

Three stage mapping traceability.jpg


Three stage mapping traceability.

Collaborate with pre and post AOI in SMT line, forms close loop process and quality control system, and capable to integrate and synchronize the data to customer ERP quality module.

Inline SPI Machine S-250I/S500I Features

programmable Structure Grating Realizes Moore Stripe Light

Synchronous structure optical technology (D - Lighting) and RGB two-dimensional light source

High resolution image processing system

Friendly user interface, 5 minutes programming and one-click operation.

The Z axis real-time dynamic contour

Gerber data conversion and import ,achieve automatic detection of the entire board .Manual “Teach” function realize 

    user-friendly programming and test job generation in case of no Gerber data situation

Increase inspection height from +/-350um to +/-1200um

Red Glue Inspection(Option) is available

Provide offline Berber import function, one button CAD matching function

    and black glue.

High-performance image workstations

● SPC function can reduce defects caused by solder paste printing and improve final product quality



Inline SPI Machine S510I Include

Standard Configurations :

 ◎ Industrial high frame rate camera :5M Pixel Industrial Camera

 ◎ Telecentric Lens

 ◎ 3D projection- OC/ 3D-H Germany

 ◎ Image workstation server and display- Dell Optiplex  790

 ◎ X ,Y and Z servo motor- Panasonic

 ◎ Omron PLC with 40 points

  1 year warranty

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