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Lead Free Wave Solder Machine eWA Series

Quick Overview

PC+PLC control system

High quality sprayer driven by stepper motor

3 Bottom preheating zone, 1 Top preheating zone

Hot air motor speed adjustable

Full Titanium dual wave solder pot

Solder pot in/out, up/down automaticlly

Heavy duty titanium finger conveyor

Max PCB width 450mm

eWA series Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Structure:


Conveyor System

Conveyor System

In-loading system: which can connect with the insertion conveyor directly, the sensor at bottom for counting and spray fluxer on/ off.


Conveyor System

Conveyor System

Standard: Heavy duty type Ti finger for standard conveyor.


Flux System

Flux System

Stepper motor/driver etc, make sure the spray nozzle moving at needed speed smoothly.


Flux System

Flux System

sprayer's flow, flux shape, automization etc adjustable, so to meet a perfect flux applying performance.


Flux System

Flux System

Flux is adding via a SMC pump automaticlly, save operator's time and job.


Preheating System

Preheating System

Standard equipped with 3 hot air convection preheating zone at bottom, and 1 top hot air convection preheating zone.


Preheating System

Preheating System

3 phase hot air motor controlled by inverter, speed is freely adjustable in the software.

Preheating System

Preheating System

Preheating module can be easily taken out for maintenance.


Soldering System

Soldering System

Ti material made solder pot, capable for Lead free. Two wave nozzle, one is for turbulent wave and another is for flat wave.


Soldering System

Soldering System

Solder pot in/out, up/down automaticlly.


Soldering System

Soldering System

Special design for wave driving system, it can be easily taken out for maintenance.


Cooling System

Cooling System

Powerful cooling motor with top/bottom cooling system.


Exhausting System

Exhausting System

Standard equipped with 2 exhausting blower, which can directly exhaust fume outside.



Electrical System

All brand electrical parts, such as SIMENS PLC, ABB breaker, DELTA inverter, etc all wiring cetificated by CE.




Full English software based on Windows 10 OS, easy to operate.

eWA series Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Features

●   New industrial apperance design makes machine more beautiful.

●   PC+ PLC control system form a stable,safe and efficient controlling system, easy for operation.

●   Simple software interface, Full English interface is very easy for operation.

●   The one-week timer can make the machine turn on/off automatically to melt the solder before operator come to work.

●   The specially guiding rail with strong support to reduce the deformation.

●   Sprayer driven by stepper motor, the speed and spraying width can be set on software.

●   High quanlity sprayer provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.

●   Adding flux automatically, When flux is lower than limit, it will switch on the pump to feed flux in automatically. Operator just need to put the whole barrel flux into the flux tank, meanwhile put the sucking tube into the barrel.

●   Forced air convection preheat zone control by temperature controller in PID model. The preheat zone will provide enough uniform heat for the PCB. Hot air motor speed is adjustable in the software interface.

●   eWa series is equipped with 3 individual bottom hot air zone, plus 1 individual top hot air zone, this configuration will provide the greatest preheating effect for soldering.

●   Dual wave nozzles. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer. wave height can be set on the software.

●   Solder pot is made of Ti material. Long life warranty.

●   High quality wave motor with small noise and more stable.

eWA series Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Specification:



  PCB width

  max 450MM

  Running power /General power


  Machine Dimension


  Net Weight


  Controlling System

  PC+PLC control

  Infeeding Conveyor Height

  750mm+/- 20mm

  Conveyor Speed


  Conveyor Type

  Heavy duty Ti finger

  PCB Direction

  Left to Right

  Flux adding


  Spray drive

  Stepper motor drive


  ST-6 spraying nozzle


  3 bottom hot air convection zone+1 top hot air convection zone

  Preheat power


  Preheating temperature

  Max :250℃

  Length of preheating zone tunnel


  Solder Pot Volume

  Max: 550kg

  Solder Usual Temperature

  MAX: 280℃

  Solder Pot Temperature Control Mode

  PID + SSR mode

  Solder Pot Material


  Solder Pot Temperature

  Max: 300℃

  Wave Number

  Dual Waves

  Solder Pot Up/Down


  Solder Pot In/Out


  Conveyor Type

  Heavy duty Ti finger

  Exhausting blower

  Standard equipped 2 set, connecting port diameter:200mm

  Air Supply


  Power supply

  3PH 380V 50HZ

eWA series Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Includes:

●   Lead free wave solder machine eWA-450

●   Spraying system driven by step motor and PLC controller

●   1 top individual preheating zone; 3 bottom individual preheating zones

●   Titanium alloy dual wave solder pot

●   Heavty duty titanium alloy finger conveying system

●   PC and PLC control system

●   Exhaust blower * 2 set

●   1 year parts warranty

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