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Intelligent Terminal Insertion System TI-880

Quick Overview

TI-880 can automatically feed and cut reel Terminals and insert the Terminal into the hole of PCB precisely and efficiently.  advanced software based on Window OS make programming very easy.

Intelligent Terminal Insertion System TI-880 Features:

●    X/Y platform adopts Panasonic servo and TBI ball screw and high quality guide rail.

●   the insertion height of the terminal is freely adjusted. Head can  rotate 360 degree for different angle insertion.

●    High-speed cam mechanis automatically feed and cut Terminal.

●    CCD visual  system is adopted for PCB positioning.

●    Equipped with inline conveyor to realize full automatic process.

●   Win7 operating system, English operating interface, easy to operate.

Intelligent Terminal Insertion System TI-880 Specification:

Machine Specification

Technical Parameter

PCB dimension

  PCB size

  maximum size   standard :L480 x W340mm

  PCB transport direction

  Left to right, conveying height : 900±20mm

Insertion parameter

  Insertion speed   7200 pcs /hour
  Insertion accuracy     ±0.05mm
  Insertion species     reel Terminals  

Vision system

  Basler camera   For ficucial recogition

  Inserting head

  Inserting head quantity   1 inserting head with 360 degree rotation

  Inserting platform

  X/Y   Driven by servo motor


  Feeder type   customized terminal reel feeder  


  PC control   Industrial PC with software based on Windows 7 OS , English interface


  Working power supply   1 Phase  AC220V, 50HZ
  Rated power   2KW
  Work pressure   0.6 Mpa
  Machine size   L2200*W1200*H1600mm  
  Machine weight   About 1400 KG

Intelligent Terminal Insertion System TI-880 includes:

1 Inserting head with Terminal feeding system

X/Y insertion platform.

Top fiducial recognition vision system

Industrial PC with display, mouse and keyboard.

Conveying system with manual width adjustment.

Bottom PCB supporting device *1 pcs  

1year warranty.

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