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High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7

Quick Overview

The next-generation high density placement

Production line productivity is improved due to the combination of a planet head that provides optimum productive capacity, based on the parts to be placed and the configuration of a flexible production line.

Space-saving design with a width of 998mm.

This is applicalbe to the dual lane production.

An optimum production line can be configured for each production item through a combination of heads.

High productivity based on an original planet head and a structure of parallel two heads This is applicable to small-size IC components ranging from o3o15 chip to 25mm square to be placed.

  1.JUKI base technology

  Basic Technology: Planet head technology realizes high speed and a high quality

Owing to a structure with two parallel heads that is free from mutual interference between mounted heads, the maximum throughput can be realized. For a placement head, users may select between the two types of planet head, namely, P16 nozzle and P8 nozzle. The original lightweight compact planet head technology provides high-speed, high-quality and high-accuracy placement.



  Basic Technology: P16 nozzle head that realizes high-speed high-density placement of very small components

  Regarding the P16 nozzle, the Z-axis stroke at component pick and component placement can be minimized by inclining the head's rotary axis. The two cameras incorporated in the head unit can recognize component thickness and weight with high accuracy. High-speed and high-accuracy placement at a placement speed of 75,000 CPH (optimum condition) and a component placement accuracy of ±0.04 mm (Cpk ≧ 1) is realized.



  Basic Technology: P8 nozzle head that realizes high-speed and high-accuracy placement of middle and small general-purpose components

  The P8 nozzle head can place components ranging from very small chip components to small and medium general-purpose components. High-speed and high-accuracy placement can be realized with high-accuracy overall vision recognition using a VCS camera.This can also perform component reverse inspection and component existence/non-existence inspection in the same way as the P16 nozzle head.



  2.High Productivity

  Flexibility: Wide component range

  The P16 nozzle head is applicable to very small components with a size of 03015 to 5 mm square and the maximum height of 3 mm. The P8 nozzle head is applicable to components with a size of 0603 to square25 mm and the maximum height of 10.5 mm, for example, small IC components such as QFP andBGA.These two types of planet head can provide the highest performance for various production needs.



  Flexibility: By combination of head, various production be available to flexible production line

  Users may select an optimum head according to production items and components to be placed. A combination of the P16 and P8 nozzle heads and a production line configuration allow a mass production line for smart phones and a high-speed placement line for various production items. The performance of the machine itself and a line balance of the whole placement line is improved, thereby increasing productivity.



  3.High Quality

  Productivity: Space-saving design with a width of 998mm

  Super-slim 998mm width! At 75,000 CPH, the RX-7 provides excellent placement per square foot.



  Productivity: This is applicable to dual-lane production

  This dual-lane transport system comes as standard. The PWB transport wait time is minimized, which can improve the effective tact for high-speed production.



  Productivity: High-accuracy placement using new-structure camera recognition

  Clearer imaging can be performed with the recognizing technology using new-structure coaxial lighting. As a result, high-accuracy placement recognition can be realized.



  4.High Flexibility

  Quality: Component Verification System (CVS)

  By measuring the resistance, capacitance, or polarity before production starts, the machine can prevent incorrect components from being placed.


  Quality: Reduce errors due to solder paste alignment (Offset Placement After Solder printing)

  The OPASS function uses the machine's downward looking camera to check the location of solder paste vs. the pads and corrects the placement accordingly. This function reduces defects caused by misalignment of the paste on the pads.


  Quality: FCS (Flex Calibration System)

  JUKI's highly regarded easy maintenance just got even easier! The optional FCS calibration jig is a simple to use system to re-calibrate placement accuracy. The machine automatically picks and places jig components, then measures the error and adjusts all necessary calibrations. (optional)


  Quality: IFS-NX (Intelligent Feeder System)

  The Intelligent Feeder System (IFS-NX) option provides enhanced setup control by verifying part barcodes to smart feeders. Traceability to the refer-ence designator level is available as an option. Other functions include inventory tracking, and feeder setup assistance.


  High -Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-7-Specification




  (P16×P16 nozzle head)

  (P16×P8 nozzle head)

  (P8×P8 nozzle head)

  Board size

  Single lane conveyor   50×50~510mm ※1 × 450mm
  Dual lane conveyor   50×50~510mm ※1 × 250mm

  Component height


  3㎜(P16 nozzle head) 10.5㎜(P8nozzle head)


  Component size

  03015 ※2 ~5mm   03015 ※2 ~5mm (P16 nozzle head)   0603(0201)~25mm
0603(0201)~25mm (P8 nozzle head)

  Placement speed

  Chip(Optimum)   75,000 CPH   54,900 CPH   34,800CPH
  IC   -   6,400CPH ※3   12,800CPH

  Placement accuracy

  Chip   ±0.04mm (Cpk≧1)
  IC   -   ±0.04mm

  Component loading quantity

38 (76 in case of 8mm tape) ※4

  Power supply

  AC200V-430V, 3-phase

  Apparent power


  Operation air pressure


  Air consumption (standard)

  20L/min(during normal operation)

  Machine dimensions (W×D×H) ※6


  998×1,895×1,530mm ※5

  Mass (approximately)



  ※1 When using a long size PWB mode.

  ※2 Please contact to us for detail.

  ※3 This is applicable only to the P8 nozzle head.

  ※4 When a double lane feeder is used.

  ※5 In the case of the P8 nozzle head specification, the feeder is set at 123 mm ahead in comparison to the P16 nozzle head.

  ※6 The depth (D) of external dimensions applies only when the display is excluded, and the height applies when the transport height is 900 mm, excluding the display.


  RX-7 - Options


  Support-pin /Support-sponge

  Inspection function

  Component Verification System (CVS) ※


  Dedicated nozzle /Spare nozzle cartridge /Joint cable /Offset placement after solder screen-printing


  Line control soft IS-Lite /IFS-NX (Parts verification /Traceability /component inventory control)

  Component handling and feeders

  Feeder Trolley /Electric tape feeder /Tape reel mounting base /Feeder stocker /Splicing jig /Feeder Calibration Jig with MonitorTray holder /Electric Trolley Power Station


  ※ Please contact JUKI for more information about P8 nozzle head application time.


  RX-7 Line Control Software

  Product name

  Major functions

  IS Lite

  User definition /Facility definition /Component DB /Creating production programs /Line optimization Line monitoring /CAD conversion ※ /Cluster optimization


  ※ CAD conversion is optional.


  RX-7 - Security software

  Virus measurement software

  White list (standard)


  ※Please refer to the product specifications for details.

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