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Fully Automatic Screen Printer H4

Quick Overview

■ Vision system: vision system with fiducious camera will determine whether the stencil & PCB aligned preciously, with small tolerance it will be desaster for final printing result. 

■ Stencil Cleaning: without a nice cleaning system to keep stencil in sharp, the stable printing performance is unexpected. 

■ Precision mechanical system: It's the foundation of a stable machine. 

■ Clean & Clear software. 

■ Stable electrical system.


1.Arch bridge type suspending direct-connected squeegee.

2.Print head with the programmable and suspending self-adjusting stepper motor drive.

3.Four wheel positioning slide type with bilateral double sliders ensures the moving accuracy and stability when scraper is running back and forth.

4.Unique belt transmission system avoids being stuck or fall-off of PCB.

5. Programmable motor controls transport speed and puts PCB in the precise position.

6. The unit to clean is separated from CCD camera, which can minimize the load of motor and impulse, improve the positioning precision and speed and extend the service life.

7. With servo motor and lead screw, the direct connection UVW platform is featured with high precision, high rigidity and compact structure.

Fully-Automatic Screen Printer H4(ON-LINE SYSTEM):

Top Clamping(Option)

Top clamping system can ensure PCB flatness before printing, 2 piece tabletting press the edge of the PCB ,twist and warpage would be eliminated.


Vacuum Clamping (Option)

Vacuum clamping is an option configuration of H4, thin and flex PCB can be clamped by vacuum to ensure the quality of printing . During production, PCB will be supported by magnetic tooling  pins  and vacuum module, this system can hold the PCB  to keep it evenly, this function is useful for  thin, twist and flex PCB.

Vacuum Clamping (Option)


Programmable print head

It is designed to meet the  need of different pressure at the front and rear squeegee and the requirement of squeegee’s leveling stability, to prevent solder paste leakage and squeegee blade with certain flexibility clamping. Squeegee pressure can be independently programmed. This provides a stable leveling of the squeegees for precise solder paste transfer.

Programmable print head


Stable Electrical System

All electrical parts with labels, customer can find out the problem depends on error message of PC and electrical drawing soon. H4 can detect the fault by red indicating light from I/O cards, bright is normal condition, dark is abnormal. Integrated circuit and upgraded movement control card to make operation and maintenance more convenient H4 can modify printing parameter during production process.

Stable Electrical System


Linear slide rail

H4 use THK linear slide rail to provide higher printing accuracy.


Stencil Cleaning System

3 types of under stencil cleaning: dry, wet and vacuum. These 3 modes can be individually selected or combined for using. System allows manual cleaning within its operation menu which shortens cleaning time and improves production efficiency.

Stencil Cleaning System



Blocked the opening of stencil by solder paste and choose 2 areas (IC and BGA )to check cleaning result.




Conclusion: blocked holes and IC can be cleaned completely. Customer could set up cleaning module (wet, dry and vacuum modes) depends on difficulty of stencil to improve productivity and ensure cleaning quality.



Printing Result Comparation

500X Microscope Inspection

Printing Result Comparation

Conclusion:  Printing result is perfect , no misalignment , shift , solder bridge, lack solder , etc.


Printing Result Comparation

Use same sample to test H4 and other brand to check IC and BGA


Printing Result Comparation (SPI)

SPI inspection

Printing Result Comparation (SPI)

SPI inspection result:

Production QTY:          192PCS

Pass QTY:                      189PCS

Defective QTY:             3PCS

Pass rate:                      98.438%

Defective rate:             1.562%


Printing Result Comparation (SPI)

Conclusion: This PCB has many difficult IC and small pads , after inspection, result is good , H4 can ensure printing quality and accuracy in production line


Fully Automatic Screen Printer H4 Specification:



  Screen Frames

  Min Size   470×370mm
  Max Size   737×737mm
  Thickness   25~40mm

  PCB Min Size


  PCB Max Size


  PCB Thickness


  PCB Warpage


  Transport Height


  Transport Direction


  Transport Speed

  Max 1500mm/s(Programmable)

  Board Location PCB

  Support System   Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted /support block
  Clamping System   Side clamping,vacuum nozzle, Automation retractable Z pressure

  Printer Head

  Two independent motorised printhead

  Squeegee Speed


  Squeegee Pressure


  Squeegee Angel


  Squeegee Type

  Stainless steel(standard),plastic

  Stencil Separation Speed

  0.1~20mm/sec (Programmable)

  Cleaning System

  Dry 、Wet、Vacuum (Programmable)

  Table Adjustment Ranges

  X: ±10mm;Y: ±10mm;  θ:±2°

  Solder Paste Inspection

  2D Inspection(Standard)

  Repeate Position Accuracy


  Printing Accuracy


  Cycle Time

 <7s(Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

  Product Changeover


  Air Required


  Power Input


  Control Method

  PC Control

  Machine Dimensions


  Machine Weight


Fully Automatic Screen Printer H4 Options:

● Automatic Dispensing

● Stencil Detection

● PCB Top Clamping

● Stencil (737*737mm)

● Stencil Frame Adaptor (737*737mm)

● Solder Paste Adding

● Constant Temperature and Humidity


All different types stencil can be used by stencil adaptor, suitable dimension is between 470*370mm to 737*737mm

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