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High Precision Laser Cutting System DZ-MS0404

Quick Overview

Product characteristics

High Precision Machining Platform(single platform)

High precision linear motor and marble platform to achieve high precision machining requirements

Software systems

A professional laser cutting sub-board software system, simple and easy to learn;

Visual systems

High performance CCD can realize automatic positioning and cutting;

Optical systems

High-quality laser generator and optical system to ensure that the machine is stable working time; all-optical protection makes the operation process very safe;

Imported ultraviolet.jpg

Imported ultraviolet laser has the advantages of small focus spot, fine marking, small thermal effect and more beautiful marking effect. At the same time, the series of lasers adopt intracavity frequency doubling technology to greatly improve the stability of the laser.


Imported digital.jpg

Imported digital high-speed scanning vibroscope, small volume, fast speed, good stability.


Linear motor.jpg

Linear motor + marble platform to ensure high speed running of machine, high precision cutting effect.

High Precision Laser Cutting System DZ-MS0404 specification :



  Laser type

  UV laser , 15 W

  power supply

  AC220±10 % ,50/60 HZ, 1P

  Working area

  400*400 mm

  Focus spot diameter


  Machining Precision


  X /Y Working Platform

  Linear motor


  High precision marble

  working environment  

  Temperature :15~30°C; Relative humidity :5~85%, no condensate, no dust or ash Less dust

  Cooling mode

  Water cooling

  supports graphic format

   DXF etc

  Dimensions (length * width * height)

  About 1600*1200*1660 mm

High Precision Laser Cutting System DZ-MS0404 Product configuration

Serial numberProject ConfigurationSpecifications Quantity Remarks
Host   1   Laser   ●   15 W( UV)    1  
  2   Mirror   ●   High speed   1  
  3   Field mirror   ●   Far Field Mirror   1  
  4   Machine   ●   marble platform + linear motor   1  
  5   Computer   ●   IPC   1  
  7   Control Board   ●     Self-developed   1  
  8   Camera system   ●     /   1  
  9   Chiller   ●   /   1  
High Precision Laser Cutting System DZ-MS0404 Application
Sample : 0.3mm thickness
Sample 0.3mm thickness
Sample : 0.6mm thickness
Sample 0.6mm thickness
Sample :
Sample : FPC
Sample FPC
FR4 board,1.2mm thickness
FR4 board,1.2mm thickness

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