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X-RAY Chip Counter Machine CCM-470

Quick Overview

This X-RAY chip counter machine can greatly improve the production efficiency, to realize the automation and electronic components inventory management information, the main principle through X-ray penetrate the imaging principle of image information, for items of the SMT production materials, nondestructive testing, image import artificial intelligence algorithms computing, automatic rapid calculation material the actual number of the material at the same time the number according to the classification, can print the barcode sticker or upload database system directly.

X-RAY Chip Counter Machine CCM-470 Details:

Accommodates   7” – 15” Reels / ESD Bags / Storage tubes / JEDEC Trays

 Accommodates   7” – 15” Reels / ESD Bags / Storage tubes / JEDEC Trays

Four sets of 7

 Four sets of 7 "Tape Reel can be placed at the same time.

Can detection all 7-15

 Can detection all 7-15 "Tape Reel, JEDEC Trays And BGA Balls.


Simple Interface/Operation

  Operation couldn't be easier-insert the reel(s) and door.The machine starts counting automatically.No need to position the reel to set parameters.The reels in a fitted,numbered area on the load platform.Once the count is finished,the reel will be positioned at the access door,remove it,scan the barcode,and the next reel will be moved to position to ensure the correct barcode always matches the correct reel.If desired,a label can be printed after the scan.

Simple Interface/Operation

X-RAY Chip Counter Machine CCM-470 Features:

●   CCM-470 is super adaptable, and can check the whole item 7-15 "Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray.

●   Thermo 90kV 5 can be used to read the minimum material clearly.

●   Adopt the latest high-speed 8K line sweeping camera, which can improve the speed and image interpretation ability.

●   7 inches can be put in four, 7 inches for the last time.

●    The whole transmission plate is transported without damaging the material surface, and the equipment is easy to maintain and maintain.

X-RAY Chip Counter Machine CCM-470 specification:




  Dimension   750(W)×750(D)×856(H)mm
  weight   450kg
  Power supply   AC 110V/220V,0.8 kW
  Transmission way   Disc type
  Feeding way   manual
  Capacity   25S

  X ray system

  X-ray tube   Thermo Scientific
  Type of tube   enclosed
  Maximum tube voltage   80kV
  Maximum  power   8W
  Focus size   Micro focus 5 µm


  X-ray scan camera   Canada
  Resolution   8160 (H) x 256 (V)
  sampling image   TDI CCD
  gray-scale   16 bits (65536 levels)
  Pixel size   27 X 27 µm

  Test items and size

  Scanning size   7"-15" Tape Reel
  Scanning height   <30mm  
  Material size   Min size 0201 / 01005
  JEDEC Tray   Can be

  External function

  Barcode   manual

  Machine safety

  Automatic security access control    Electromagnetic induction
  Radiation safety   The national standard is below the 1μSv/hr
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