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Lead Free Wave Solder Machine M400

Quick Overview
Lead Free Best Solution

M400 is a CE certificated compact Lead Free Wave Solder Machine with inline finger conveyor, stepper driven spraying fluxer, hot air preheat zone & Ti dua wave solder pot.

In-loading system.JPG


In-loading system
Which can connect with the insertion conveyor directly, no need other connecting conveyor,With rule for width indicator, with angle meter for conveyor angle indicator.

Conveyor system.JPG


Conveyor system

Ti fingers. In this machine the same conveyor rail can accommodate for both L finger and Hook finger, customer can choose any of them or mixed them.

Center support option.JPG


Center support option

Optional with center support system, it can support the PCB all through the machine and position adjustable.

Width adjustmen.jpg


Width adjustmen

4 group of width adjustment  system, grantee the paralizm of the conveyor.

Finger option.jpg


Finger option

Optional with L finger or L mixed with V finger.

Special finger for heavy loading.jpg


Special finger for heavy loading

Optional with heavy load finger which made of 5mm Ti, it can transport PCB weight as 20kgs/unit.

Fluxing sysytem.JPG


Fluxing sysytem

Sprayer's flow, flux shape, automization etc adjustable, so to meet a perfect flux applying performance.

Fluxing pump.JPG


Fluxing pump

Flux is adding via a SMC pump automaticlly, save operator's time and job.

Movement of fluxing system.JPG


Movement of fluxing system

Stepper motor/driver, linear rail /slider etc, make sure the spray nozzle moving at needed speed smoothly.

Standard equipped with 2 hot air convection preheating zone.jpg


Preheating system

Standard equipped with 3 hot air convection preheating zone at bottom, provide enough heat to active the flux performance.

Preheating option.jpg


Preheating option

Optional to add 3rd upper preheating zone, minimize the PCB up/bottom side temeprature difference and reduce the PCB deformation.

Soldering system.JPG


Soldering system

Fully Ti material made solder pot, even for impeller, shaft, nozzle, and bolts. All is Ti and 100% capable for Lead free. Two wave nozzle, one is for turbulent wave and another is for flat wave.And solder pot in & out automaticlly, upper & down manually.

Easy maintanence.JPG


Easy maintanence

Blower motor can be take out from upper side of machine, easy for maintenance.



Easy change between leaded and lead free solder pot.

Solder pot is equipped with quick connector and trolley, can easy change between leaded and lead free solder pot.

Nitrogen option.jpg


Nitrogen option

Optional with N2 feeding system, enhance the solderbility and reduce solder dross generation.

Easy operation software.jpg


Easy operation software

Full english version software, clean & clear interface which is very easy for operators to learn. Less than 10 minutes know how.

Parameter saving.jpg


Parameter saving

All parameters can be save & edit under different PCB name. Easy to build the reflow database for different PCBs.

Control system.JPG


Control system

Industrial PC and self developed controller for controlling system.




All brand electrical parts , such as Panasonic conveyor motor ,Mitsubishi breaker , Schneider transducer etc all wiring cetificated by CE.



SMEMA Connection

Standardly equipped with SMEMA connector for inline production.



Dry partical with safty certification used in machine to avoid moisture,Vacuming package for long distance shipping,Plywood case and metal frame for big case.

M400 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Features

A new streamline design replaces a conventional right-angled exterior. And the design is based on mechanical aesthetics and

    practicability, making the maintenance an easy job.

PLC controller, PC and on-line UPS form a stable,safe and efficient controlling system.

The software has the functions like PCB counting, temperature setting and editing, PCB parameter menu, and profile testing, alarms an  
    muti-languages conversion. In the meanwhile, the software has make a lots effect about the safety issues just like wave motor running

    safe temperature etc.

The one-week timer will provide a amazing function for customer. The operator can edit his work schedule for this wave solder machine

    weekly. And the machine can turn on automatically to melt the solder before operator come to work. When it’s time to work, the solder

    has been melt and everything is ready. It will save about 1.5 hours for customer everyday.

The specially designed guiding rail reduce the deformation caused by heat; After two years working you only need to change the cooper

    bars instead of change the whole conveyor rails.

Sprayer droved by stepper motor , the speed can be set on PC. The moving and stopping time will be set in a more precious way.

The sprayer is made in Japan; it provides perfect atomization performance of the flux.

Adding flux automatically, there are two sensors on flux tank. When flux is lower than limit,it will switch on the pump to feed flux in

    automatically. Operator just need to put the whole barrel flux into the flux tank, meanwhile put the sucking tube into the barrel.

Forced air convection preheat zone control by temperature controller in PID model. The preheat zone will provide enough uniform heat

    for the PCB.

2 individual bottom hot air zone and third upper hot air zone optional, this configuration will provide the greatest preheating effect

    for soldering.

Adopt cast iron heater for the solder pot, it’s mounted outside of the solder pot. This new assembling way will prolong the life of the

    solder pot.

Dual wave solder. Both wave heights are controlled by transducer. Changing the wave height via adjusting the frequency of power.

Solder pot is made of 3mm thickness Ti material. Long life warranty.

High quality B&M wave motor which made in Italian, small noise and more stable.

Soler pot in & out automatically,upper&down manually. It is easy for customer to change solder pot and conversion between

    leaded and lead-free.

Structual Drawing


M400 - Specifications



 PCB width


 Solder pot capacity


 Running power/general power


 Machine dimension


 Net weight


 Controlling system


 Conveyor motor

 1Ph 220V , 60W

 Conveyor speed


 Flux Volume

 6.5 liters

 Alcohol capacity

 4.5 liters

 Conveyor direction

 Left to right

 Spray method

 Stepper motor drive


 St-6 made in Japan

 Preheating zone

 2 individual bottom preheating zones

 Preheating power


 Solder pot material


 Solder pot heater

 Cast iron

 Heater power


 Wave number

 dual waves

 Wave type

 Turbulent first wave

 Melting time

 60 minutes

 Solder pot lift up&down


 Solder pot in&out


 Finger cleaning pump

 1PH 220V 10W

 Finger type

 Dual hook Or L finger

 Finger material


 Solder angle


 Air supply


 Power supply

 3PH 380V 50HZ

M400 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine Include

1 PC. M400 Lead Free Wave Solder Machine with:

 Lead free wave solder machine

 ◎ Touchscreen and PLC control system

 ◎ 2 individual  preheating zones

 ◎ Titanium alloy dual wave solder pot

 ◎ Titanium alloy finger conveying system.

 ◎ Machine dimension: 4260(L)*1495(W)*1725(H)

 ◎ Spraying system driven by step motor and PLC controller

 ◎ Machine weight : 1500KGS

 ◎ 1 year parts warranty

Plenty Free accessories:

B400 Parts.PNG

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