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Vertical Off-Line AOI Machine A-300

Quick Overview
Most affordable and manageable AOI System

A-300 AOI were designed to make in-house offline AOI affordable and manageable for first-article inspection, prototyping, and even full production inspection requirements. This model is acceptable by CE certification.

Four-channel light source system.jpg


Four-channel light source system
Four-channel light source system is specially designed for PCBA inspection.RGB multi-angle ring light can reflect the 3D information of solder joint, white light can be used for all kinds of inspection for the red glue process on an effective way.Professional optic architecture design ensures the evenness of light distribution within each FOV, which reduces the false call rate significantly while ensure to catch the defects.

Solder pad positioning.jpg


Solder pad positioning
Reflow process will surely cause PCBA warpage , A-330 & A-510  can accurately search by extracting color , the position of solder pad consist of complex color combination , and use solder pad as fiducial mark to fine tune the position of inspection window ,which make it possible for precise details analysis on solder pad, significantly improve solder pad inspection capability.

Inspection on 0100503015 and fine pitch IC.jpg


Inspection on 01005/03015 and fine pitch IC

A-300 adopt the highest resolution of 10μ, equipped with high definition industrial camera, which guarantee the inspection on 01005/03015 and fine pitch IC.Base on the precise positioning per solder pad and per component body , A-330 & A-510   can search out tiny solder pad for 01005/03015 and IC, find out the end of IC lead precisely, this can ignore the influence due to any changes on the length of incoming IC lead.

Flexible PCB Inspection.jpg


Flexible PCB Inspection

Flexible PCB is easy to bend and deform, which could cause the offset of inspection window, also the inspection side is not a flat surface. A-330 & A-510 adopts its exclusive software offset positioning technology and the professional lens, which can be applicable to the inspection of flexible PCB.

Character Inspection.png


Character Inspection

A-300  ’s character identification technology is unique and accurate, owns extraordinary ability of error correction, A-330 & A-510   can search the position of character precisely, to follow the direction to analogue and recover the broken position, so as to reduce the false call rate.

Automatic correction of inspection window for whole board of components.jpg


Automatic correction of inspection window for whole board of components

When making the program , it is required to correct shift the inspection window to the right position to avoid more false call. PCB warpage will make the inspection window generated from the CAD data shift away the actual test position . Comparing with the AOI of manually adjustment of each inspection window, the automatic correction function of whole board of components can reduce the programming time by at least 30%.

A-300 Automated Optics Inspection Machine Feature

Automatic PCB Clamping.

Manual adjustment conveyor width.

1D/2D barcode can be identified by camera.

Included wave soldering inspection software.

Repair station software is standard configuration.

The friendly user interface, clear display and instruction are used for operator to confirm inspection result.

Program and operate using the multi-touch screen with fast pinch-to-zoom feature,  easy programming and operate.

Besides of high mechanic precision, A-300   also use the most sophisticated offset correction software positioning by component

level, which guarantee precisely position to solder pad and component body , can realize the high precision inspection even for 01005/03015 component.

A-300 - Specifications



 Maximum PCB Size   (X x Y)

 300mm x 400mm

 Minimum PCB Size   (X x Y)

 50mm x 50mm

 PCB Thickness


 PCB Warpage


 Clamping edge



 Top/Bottom: 30/60mm


 3M pixels Germany Camera

 Lighting System

 4 Ring shape LED (R/G/B/ and W)


 10, 15μm Adjustable


 38.4*28.8mm (15μm resolution)

 Width adjustment


 Clamping System


 Inspection reference

 Bottom side

 Inspection categories

 Solder paste / After chip / After reflow and wave soldering

 Inspection Capability

 Chip: 03015/01005 and above/ LSI: 0.3mm pitch and above/ Others: Odd shape  component

 Inspection speed


 Operation System



 Ethernet ,RS-232, SMEMA

 Power supply

 1ph 220V, 50/60HZ, 1.5A


 A-330 /450kg


 W1090 x L928 x H1317mm

A-300 Automated Optics Inspection Machine Include

A-300 Configurations (Standard Included):

 ◎ X-Y belt drive.

 ◎ Desktop AOI system.

 ◎ Multi-touch touch screen.

 ◎ Servo drive (Mitsubishi)

 ◎ HIWIN ball screw

 ◎ 3 mega-pixel COMS ,CCD

 ◎ Remote service support.

 ◎ Left to right transport direction (right to left available).

 ◎ Samsung( windows 7 home basic/3years).

 ◎ Internal board transport w/pneumatic operation standard (mechanical operation available).

 ◎ A-300 system software with automatic CAD conversion, pick and place data import, customizable component library.

 ◎ Two days installation and training (customer responsible for technician travel and lodging costs)

 ◎ 1-year warranty

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