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Nitrogen Generating System GEN series

Quick Overview
Nitrogen Generator For Quality Soldering Process

GEN seires nitrogen generating system technology directly come from Germany Carbo Tech GmbH , the design of process, inside structure of the absorption vessels , valves ,tubes are all German originated enable us to provide the first class technique and service to our customer.

Instructions of System Technology 

The entire system is composed by two major parts: compressed air supply and purification system (air compressor, air reservoir and air filter) and PSA Nitrogen system (active carbon filter, PSA Nitrogen Generator and Nitrogen reservoir), and the concrete process is described as follows:    

Compressed air supply and purification system

a.Process introduction:First of all, screw-type compressor provides the compressed air which will be through the cooling, oil removal and water removal in air reservoir, then it will enter the filter of main pipeline where most part of liquid water and oil will be removed; after the further purification of refrigerated drier and ultrafilter, the remaining oil spray will be removed through the active carbon filter, so that the compressed air with breathing quality can be obtained.

b.Instructions of equipment in each part Air compressor: the screw-type air compressor Air reservoir: it keeps a stable pressure of supply gas and reduces the temperature of compressed air and partly removes the liquid oil and water in compressed air.

Purification of compressed air:

Refrigerated drier: use refrigeration principle to coercively refrigerate the compressed air, so to make the water vapor in the compressed air over-saturated in low temperature, then it will be in condensation and dewfall; therefore, the water in the compressed air will be separated out, which will make the pressure dew point of compressed air reduced to 2-10℃. 

Filter of main pipeline: remove or separate most of liquid and particles in the compressed air 

Filter of air pipeline: remove or separate the floating oil spray and condensate water 

Micro-oil ultrafilter: remove or separate floating oil spray 

Efficient active carbon filter: further remove oil spray. (attached on nitrogen generator)

PSA Nitrogen system

a.Overview of system process: 

First, air compressor provides compressed air whose liquid water and oil will be partly removed through air reservoir; then the water, oil and dust in the compressed air will be removed through air handling system (refrigerated drier and ultrafilter), then it can provide pure and stable compressed air for Nitrogen generator, which is also the raw material for us to generate Nitrogen. The pure compressed air will be through the separation of oxygen and nitrogen with the PSA technology via Nitrogen generator, so that Nitrogen with purity beyond 99.999% will be generated, which can be used after the storage and balancing pressure of Nitrogen reservoir.

b.Process of Nitrogen generator:

The working process of Nitrogen generator mainly includes: adsorption, regeneration,pressure equalization, back flushing and pressure lifting.

Adsorption with medium pressure: since the size of micropore on the surface of carbon molecular sieve is similar to the diameter of oxygen molecule, the carbon molecular sieve would choose to adsorb the oxygen in the compressed air while ignore the nitrogen in medium pressure, so that nitrogen will flow out through the top of adsorption column, then nitrogen generation can be achieved.

Regeneration with normal pressure: under the condition of quick evacuation, carbon molecular sieve will release all the oxygen adsorbed, so that molecular sieve can regenerate for next use.

Pressure equalization of two adsorption columns: when 1 adsorption column completes the operation, the gas in the completed one will  blow air to the one ready to work within two seconds (time can be set), so it can reduce the time used in lifting pressure and the amount of using compressed air; meanwhile, the pressure in the adsorption column changes slightly, reducing molecule flushing and the fatigue degree of pressure so as to increase the amount of gas generation.

Back flushing and cleaning: there are some nitrogen remained in working column. Flushing the evacuated (regenerated) column via a stop valve can remove the remaining oxygen exist in the molecular sieve, which will make the molecular sieve of regenerated column regenerate more fully.

Pressure lifting of nitrogen: it is controlled via valve combination--the nitrogen in nitrogen buffer tank supplies nitrogen to the (adsorption) column ready to work via valve combination, which will make the pressure in adsorption column increase rapidly and enable to generate qualified nitrogen in a short time while reduce the amount of using compressed air.

Nitrogen Generating System GEN series Features

● Microcomputer Automatic Operation Programmable controller of Siemens in Germany is adopted to automatically control the movements 

of valves and complete the nitrogen generation process.

● High quality parts from Germany or Japan The IWATANI carbon molecular sieve from Japan, solenoid pilot valve, angle seat air-operated valve and PLC as well as other major parts on the our Nitrogen generator are from Germany and Japan, which has ensured the efficient and stable operation of nitrogen generator with low energy consumption.


● Simple structure of the machine Our Nitrogen generator adopts the modular design and microcomputer controls the pipelines as well as great decrease in parts, which all make the machine simple and elegant.


● All the system adopt ASME certificated pressure container

GEN-3-59 Specification


GEN-3-59 Configuration

GEN-3-59 Configuration.jpg

GEN-5-59 Specification

GEN--5-59 SPC.jpg

GEN-5-59 Configuration

GEN-5-59 Configuration.jpg

GEN-20-49 Specification

GEN-20-49 SPC.jpg

GEN-20-49 Configuration

GEN-20-49 Configuration.jpg

GEN-25-59 Specification

GEN-25-59 SPC.jpg

GEN-25-59 Configuration


1Threaded through jointThread diameter:20mm9
2Threaded through jointThread diameter:25mm1

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