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Mass Prodcution Selective Soldering Machine MAS-31

Quick Overview
Mass Prodcution Selective Soldering System

MAS-31 is an in-line selective soldering machine with 3 section conveyors for spray fluxing, preheating and soldering. It can accommodate for 3 PCBs or pallets in same time. It’s equipped with X,Y servo table for spray fluxing system and X/Y/Z servo table for soldering system. All programming was done at PC base on Window 7 system

MAS-31 Working Process

MAS-31 Selective Soldering Machine is formed by 3 processes as blow and all the processes are integrated into one compact  machine .

Selective spray flux part:
It can do selectively flux spraying to required position on PCB.   

Preheating part: 

It will heat up the PCB and active the flux performance. 

Selective soldering part :   
It can do selectively soldering to required pad on PCB.


MAS-31 Software

1. Combined many years selective soldering machine's using experience.

2. It can edit moving path base on PCB's picture.  It can draw dot or line. Motion start & stop position, 

   soldering speed, empty moving speed, different Z height, different wave height, wave stop speed etc, 

   all these parameters can be set in pro    gram. 


3. StrongPC function. It can stock all the information for the PCB, include PCB's brief explanation, flux type, 

    fluxing nozzle, solder type, solder nozzle,  fluxing path, soldering path & wave height, solder temperature, 

    IR setting etc.

4. Key parameter like temperature, speed, air pressure, air flow, N2 pressure & N2 flow are all monitored.

5.Optional with auto wave height calibration. Engineer can set after how many boards to auto check the wave height once.

6. Optional with Toshiba camera for Fiducial point check, engineer can set after how many boards to auto check fidicious mark point once.

7.Strong database system, use machine longer time the more database will build, no worry for changing new operation.


8 Log function. Can set 3 level different users. All logs will be saved and customer can check who use the machine and what happen.




MAS-31 Motion:


Self designed cast aluminum platfom ,with light

 weight than competitors, but better strongless.

 X/Y/Z  axis adopt Japan made Panasonic 

Servo motor and it's driving system .


Ball screw for auto width adjusting


Auto wave height calibration. Engineer 

can set after how many boards to auto

 check the wave height once.


MAS-31 Fluxing & Preheating & Soldering


Standard equipped with spray nozzle from Korea, 

which can meet minium dia 6mm flux dot

 dimension.and Pressure flux tank with

 regulating valve to make sure flux is always

 under same pressure, so to provide stable 

fluxing performance.

Optional with drop jet valve from 

Germanny originally, which can 

meet dia 2mm flux dot dimension.



Pressure flux tank with regulating valve to 

make sure flux is always under same 

pressure, so to provide stable fluxing


Standard equipped with air  top preheater. 

and IR bottom preheat  ,preheating potion 

can be adjusted , and preheating temperature 

preheating time & heating ratio (%)

 can be set in software .


Upper preheating zone, to reduce

 the temperature drop on PCB during 

soldering, especially for thick PCB or 

heat absorber component.

Titanium soldering pot, 100% capable 

for lead free application. Standard equipped 

with mechanical pump, easy for maintenance.



Live camera can monitor soldering

 process in real time.

Can specially design solder nozzle for 

cusotmer's application, refer below 

samples. And specially designed groove 

for nozzle, can get a high & stable solder 

head, especially usually for fine pitch

soldering. With right application, it can 

handle 0.5mm clearance pad.








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