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Manual Precise Printing Table MSP-250

Quick Overview
Precision SMT stencil printer for fine pitch with vertical stencil separation

Application: MSP-250 series is suitable for mobile phone motherboard, computer motherboards, single and double side PCB, LED display circuit boards, LED light bar, FPC board, etc.

Acceptable Printing Materials: Ink, solder paste, red glue, silver paste, thermal conductive paste, silicone paste, etc.

Manual Precise Printing Table MSP-250 Feature

According to customer different sizes of PCB to develop models of various sizes.

The frame made of thickening machine is superior material selection and strong durable.

Printing screen can be rotated 45 degrees, with a high repeat precision, can be comparable to the machine.

Programmable squeegee system ,independent direct stepper motor control ,built-in precise pressure control system.

Steel mesh stent using spiral screw up and down adjustable height, convenient to control the thickness of the PCB.

Stencil movement method for alignment, and connecting with the printing platform X, Y axis fine-tuning calibration, convenient and quick

Can choose the same as the printing machine platform, single and double panel location convenient and high flexibility, to ensure that

    the printing accuracy;

Platform made of T10 steel grinding machine, through high temperature processing, positioning hole for artificial hand tapping into,

    their durability strong (permanent deformation), the other through galvanized processing, surface smooth and not easy to rust.

Platform has 20 small pins, it is to use strong magnet (never demagnetization) adsorption in the bottom of the thimble, practice the

    positioning accuracy and positioning printing no dead Angle. The pins is generally used in high precision plate or the use of double

    side printing.

MSP-250 / 250M / 250L- Specifications





 PCB size




 Printing table




 Stencil Frame size




 PCB thickness


 Positioning mode

 Outline / Pin positioning

 Print table micro-adjustment


 Printing table height



 540x370x350mm 540x370x350mm  540x370x350mm

 Weight of machine

 40KG 55KG  70KG

 Repeat precision

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