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Inline Selective Soldering System FLEX-400

Quick Overview
Compact In Line Selective Soldering System

FLEX-400 compact inline selective soldering machine with most flexibility integrate spray fluxer & solder pot on same x,y,z moving table, equipped with top preheat zone and in-line roller for conveyors.With industrial PC,servo control system and smart software based on English Window 7 system, it’s a best choice for customer looking for flexibility.

Flex-400 Working Process

PCB  be moved into machine with conveying system,  it will be stopped by stopper and  clamped by side clamper cylinder, optional

Fidicious camera will check two mark points, then XYZ table will move fluxer to do spray flux to programmed path, after that same

XYZ table will move solder pot to do selective soldering for programmed path. During whole process, the top preheater can be on to

help keep the PCB's temperature.

Flex-400 working process.jpg

Flex-400 Software

1. Combined many years selective soldering machine's using experience, we developed this software with an USA company which

    had a big professional software team in India.

2. It can edit moving path base on PCB's picture or Gerber file.  It can draw dot or line. Motion start & stop position, soldering speed,

   empty moving speed, different Z height, different wave height, wave stop speed etc, all these parameters can be set in program.

moving path.jpg

3. At the production page,it will show in-time working position,fidicious camera,and main parameters.  




4. Strong SPC function. It can stock all the information for the PCB, include PCB's

    brief explanation, flux type, fluxing nozzle, solder type, solder nozzle, fluxing

    path, soldering path & wave height,solder temperature, IR setting etc.

5. Key parameter like temperature, speed, air pressure, air flow, N2 pressure & N2

    flow are all monitored.

6. Optional with auto wave height calibration. Engineer can set after how many

    boards to auto check the wave height once.

7. Optional with Toshiba camera for Fidicious point check, engineer can set after

    how many boards to auto check fidicious mark point once.

8. Log function. Can set 3 level different users. All logs will be saved and customer
check who use the machine and what happen.

3 level different users.jpgLogs.jpg


Flex-400 Motion & Conveyor

Self designed cast aluminiim platfom ,with light weight than

competitors, but better strongless. X/Y/Z  Japan made Panasonic

Servo motor and it's driving system .

X/Y/Z axis are equipped with HIWINTaiwan high-precision ball

screws and linear guide rails,  increasing the work accuracy

up to  + / - 0.05 mm

ball screw and linear rail1.jpg

servo motor.JPG

Ball screw for auto width adjusting,SMEMA for in line conveyor

system.Roller conveyor runs smooth , with clamping device can

make the edge clearance of PCB reach 3 mm and ensure

positioning accuracy .

With side clamping system, when PCB arrive position, side

clamping air cylinder will clamp the board. So to keep a

good repeatbility.

auto width adjusting conveyor.JPGroller conveyor.JPG


Flex-400 Fluxing & Preheating & Soldering

Standard equipped with spray valve , which can meet minium dia 10mm flux dot dimension.

Pressure flux tank with digital pressure gauge which

can be monitored by software to provide stable

fluxing performance.


digital pressure gauge and Pressure flux tank .jpg

Optional with REA drop jet flux valve which made in Germany . Opt for flux with solid content lower than 5%.

REA drop jet flux valve .jpg 

Standard equipped  with upper preheating zone, to reduce the temperature drop on PCB during soldering, especially for thick PCB or heat absorber component,and preheart time & heating ratio(%) can be set in software.

live camera can monitor soldering process in real time. 

top preheater.JPG


Solder tank is made of Ti material,N2 direct heat up system,

with close loop temperature control for N2. Meanwhile, with N2

pressure & flow monitoring in software. For many machines in

the market, the N2 temperature is not controllable. Panasonic

servo motor & driver for wave controlling.

Optional with wave height calibration system:

X/Y/Z table will move solder pot to required position.

Wave on and keep increase until

meet the height probe.

solder pot .JPG

wave height calibration .jpg


Flex-400 Applications

Many Thanks to Below Customers For Their Trust of 1CS

BYD Auto  



Elite Electro



WanDa Auto  

DongFeng Auto

HuaWei Electrical

Johnson electronic

Emerson Power


Aerospace 33

Aerospace 502

Aerospace 602


Standard configuration:

 ◎ Industrial PC,monitor and control card.

 ◎ X/Y/Z servo motion platform.

 ◎ Seletive flux sprayer.

 ◎ Pressure flux tank.

 ◎ Top IR Preheating system.

 ◎ wireless controller.

 ◎ Selective solder pot with servo control system.

 ◎ Standard 5 solder nozzle (Dia 2.5, 3, 4, 5 mm)

 ◎ Roller conveyor with PCB stopper and clamper.

Optional configuration:

 Serial number




  Fiducial mark recogntion function

  Take picture of fiducial mark of  PCB to position PCB with CCD


  Wave height calibration function

  Motion platform move to fixed wave height detecting pin to correct
  wave height


  Offline progarmming software

  For offline programming


  Auto solder wire feeding device

  when low liquid level alarm of solder pot occurs,this device will

  feed sold wire automatically into solder pot


  Jet valve G for Flux

  Germany made High precision jet valve achieve accurate spray


  Jet valve C for Flux

  Taiwan made High precision jet valve achieve accurate spray


  Spare solder pot

  Including wave motor , pump ,heater and heater of N2,equipped with
  quick conntector which can realize quick exchange of solder pot


  Solder nozzle

  Standard nozzle or customzied nozzle

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