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In Line Dispensing System JD-99L

Quick Overview
Flexible and Fast Dispensing System

JD-99L dispensing system has significant advantages of dispensing efficiency, and excellent price.XYZ three axis are used in precise ball screw, servo motor.This system specifically for LED lamps (LED Bar) automatic on-line dispensing application Lens assembly and development of jet dispensing system,owning a wide and mature real customer groups, to bring customers real benefits.

In Line Dispensing System JD-99L Features

Control software is simple and easy to operate.

Mature and stable high-speed motion platform.

LED lamp strip below 850mm can be one-time into the material, the longest length achieved can be 1250mm

High efficiency of the dispensing speed, and the highest speed can be up to 42000 points per hour, matched to the speed of the Lens chip.

JD-99L series  - Specifications



 Dispensing Scope


 Conveyor Height


 Control System

 Industrial computer/motion control card

 Axis number

 X,Y,Z axis

 Max Work Movement Speed

 Max 800mm/s

 Max PCB Height


 Min dispensing diameter


 Programming Type

 Camera teaching/CAD load

 Positioning Accuracy


 Repeatable Accuracy


 CCD visual system

 Industrial CCD(640*480 pixel)

 Glue weighing system (option)


 Power Supply

 AC220V 50~60Hz

 Total Power


 Air Requirement


 Overall Size L*W*H




LED lamp (LED Bar) 

Lens dispensing assembly

LED lamp (LED Bar) Lens dispensing assembly.jpg     


In Line Dispensing System JD-99L Include

JD-99L Configurations (Standard Included):

  X,Y,Z Axis dispensing Machine.

 Industrial PC ,monitor, Keyboard,mouse.

 3 aix servo driving system.

 JET valve JET-200.

 JET air pressure stablizing device.

 3 color alarm lamp.

 CCD visual system.

 Nozzle vaccum cleaning device.

 X,Y,Zaxis calibration platform.

 Purge cup.

 1 year parts warranty.

Optiona configuration:

  Laser height detecting  and height correcting system.

 ◎ High precision glue weighing system (0.1mg).

 ◎ Glue level in tank detecting system.

 ◎ Nozzle heating device.

 ◎ Dual-valve.

 ◎ Flow channel heating device.

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