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In-Line AOI Machine A-600I/600DI

Quick Overview
Integrate automated optical inspection (AOI) system into your production line—fast, intelligent and easy to use

A-600 Series Inline Automated Optics Inspection Machine is deal for pre-flow, post-flow and inline paste inspection. With core accurate positioning technology which can deal with PCB warpage and flexible board to reduce false report.Stable granite platform with precision servo driven system realise high speed inspection, powerful software is ideal for false soldering inspection .


Magic-LITE four-channel light source system
The Magic-LITE four-channel light source system is specially designed for PCBA inspection.RGB multi-angle ring light can reflect the 3D information of solder joint, white light can be used for all kinds of inspection for the red glue process on an effective way.Professional optic architecture design ensures the evenness of light distribution within each FOV, which reduces the false call rate significantly while ensure to catch the defects.



Solder pad positioning
Reflow process will surely cause PCBA warpage , A-600I & A-600DI  can accurately search by extracting color , the position of solder pad consist of complex color combination , and use solder pad as fiducial mark to fine tune the position of inspection window ,which make it possible for precise details analysis on solder pad, significantly improve solder pad inspection capability.


Component Positioning.jpg

Component Positioning

Adopt vector technology and outline searching algorithm , A-600I & A-600DI  can position the component body and output the coordinate of X,Y, and θ precisely, calculate the offset value of component body to the solder pad.


Advanced component library technology.png

Advanced component library technology

A-600I & A-600DI  has installed the default component library , which contains default settings such as inspection window, color, inspection criteria and etc. User can recall these component at their convenience . A-600I & A-600DI  also provide Link function, which can link component part number or package with the library , this can significantly shorten the time of programming and the time of program fine tuning . If with full and complete library in place, it only requires 30 minutes for programming , 2 or 3 PCS PCB for programming fine tuning.


Poor soldering inspection.jpg

Poor soldering inspection

Based on precisely positioning on solder pad, A-600I & A-600DI  can analyze the details of solder pad, use more features for the analysis, no matter what poor soldering either for chip or IC cannot be escaped.



Inspection on 01005/03015 and fine pitch IC

A-600I & A-600DI  adopt the highest resolution of 10μ, equipped with high definition industrial camera, which guarantee the inspection on 01005/03015 and fine pitch IC.Base on the precise positioning per solder pad and per component body , A-600I & A-600DI  can search out tiny solder pad for 01005/03015 and IC, find out the end of IC lead precisely, this can ignore the influence due to any changes on the length of incoming IC lead.


PTH component inspection.jpg

PTH component inspection

A-600I & A-600DI  has a specially designed algorithm for PTH components for after-wave soldering inspection.



Flexible PCB Inspection

Flexible PCB is easy to bend and deform, which could cause the offset of inspection window, also the inspection side is not a flat surface. A-600I & A-600DI  adopts its exclusive software offset positioning technology and the professional lens, which can be applicable to the inspection of flexible PCB.


Automatically Switching Inspection Program Between Bottom and top side.jpg

Automatically Switching Inspection Program Between Bottom and top side.

A-600I & A-600DI  can identify bottom or top side of PCB automatically call the correspondent program for inspection.



Automatic correction of inspection window for whole board of components

When making the program , it is required to correct shift the inspection window to the right position to avoid more false call. PCB warpage will make the inspection window generated from the CAD data shift away the actual test position . Comparing with the AOI of manually adjustment of each inspection window, the automatic correction function of whole board of components can reduce the programming time by at least 30%.


Advanced hardware architecture.jpg

Advanced hardware architecture

Robust machine frame, high precision servo motor , precision ball screw, and linear module all guarantee the precision and speed of the machine.The core parts are provided by global first tier suppliers which guarantees the stability and reliability of the machine.

A-600I & A-600DI Automated Optics Inspection Machine Feature


For pre-flow, post-flow and inline paste inspection

High resolution for 03015 component

Feature analysis algorithm logic functions for solder joint inspection

Powerful algorithm logic functions for odd shape component inspection

Position offset correction software for flexible PCB inspection

Intelligent programmable control RGBW ring shape LED light source

Stable granite platform

High precision X/Y servo motor with ball screw and linear rail

Stable telecentric optical Lens

High accuracy Basler 5 Mpixels CMOS  camera

Offline programming and real-time debugging

Complete algorithm for wave soldering dip component inspection

Powerful SPC data analysis function, including defect report, fasle call statistic analysis, production process quality monitoring

3 point check function

A-600I & A-600DI Online Automated Optics Inspection Machine Specifications  

Model A-600I A-600DI A-600SI A-600SDI
Image System


  Basler 5M pixels CMOS Camera

  Basler 12M pixels CMOS Camera  


  15µ(38.4*28.8mm)/10µ(25.6*19.2mm)choosable  9µ(36*27mm)/6µ(24*18mm)choosable


  Tele-centric lens


  4 color ring shape LED(RGBW)

Motion System

  X/Y Movement

  AC Servo


  Granite, Hiwin ball screw and linear rail.

  Width Adjustment


  Flow Direction

  L→R or R→L

  Fixed Edge


  Operation System


  Repair station PC configuration

  Dell, I3 CPU, 4G memory , 500G hard disk,   1T hard disk optional



  Power Supply

  1ph 200-240V,50/60Hz,5A

  Air Supply


  Machine Size




  950kg   900kg   950kg
PCB Size


  50*50-510*600mm   50*50-510*W(W₁+W₂<650)mm   50*50-510*600mm   50*50-510*W(W₁+W₂<650)mm



  PCB Weight





  Top Clearance 25-60mm Adjustment,Bottom Clearance 60mm Optional

  Clamping Edge

Inspection Catagories


  Bridge, Misalignment, Insufficient/Extrasolder, Foreignmaterial.


  Component:Wrongcomponent, Missing, Polarity, Misalignment, Billboard, Reversed, Tombstone, Damaged, IC lead bent, Foreign material

  Post Reflow

  Solderjoint:No solder,Insufficient/Extra solder,Bridge,False welding,Solder ball.

  Wave Soldering

  Insert pin,No solder,Insufficient/Extrasolder,Hole,False welding,Solderball

  Inspection Component

  Chip:0201 and above LSI:0.3mm pitch and above Others:Odd shape component

  Chip:01005 and above LSI:0.3mm pitch and above Others:Odd shape component

  Chip:03015 and above LSI:0.3mm pitch and above Others:Odd shape component

  Chip:03015 and above LSI:0.3mm pitch and above Others:Odd shape component

  Inspection Speed


  Barcode  reader

  Optional ,Camera directly read 1D or 2D barcode  with optional software.

Standard Configurations :

 ◎A-600I or A-600DI Automated Optics Inspection Machine

 ◎ Repair station PC (Dell, I3 CPU, 4G memory , 500G hard disk).   

      Remark :Connecting with AOI machine with SPC software ,to check the inspection defects                 

      and  do Statistic analysis. .

 ◎ Offline programming software dongle key.

 ◎ SPC software dongle key (combined with AOI machine )

 Option configuration:

 ◎ Offline programming software

 ◎ SPC software (Inspection data analysis software )

 ◎ Barcode reader software  

      Remark : Dedicated bar code reader software which can make AOI camera directly read 1D,2D                   

      barcode, the inspection data can be related to barcode and saved on repair station                  

      PC, then operator can read bar code later to get all inspection defects  

 ◎ Color Calibration plate  

      Used to calibrate Camera.

 ◎ Offline programming PC .

 ◎ UPS power   

      Uninterrupted Power Supply to protect data loss when sudden power lost.

 ◎ Anti-static belt

 ◎ Bar code scanning gun   

      If the bar code is on bottom side of PCB , then can use this device to read   bar code on bottom side.

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