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High-Speed Dispensing Table SD-240i

Quick Overview

Benchtop Dispensing Table SD-240i adopt  high precison Panasonic servo control system which ensures stable and precise run of machine . it can fit high precison JET valve which can reach max 200HZ dispensing speed and min 0.4mm dispensing diameter , it's visual system make programming easier and ensures precise dispensing.

High-Speed Dispensing Table SD-240i Features

Glue level detecting system(Option) is choosable.

Laser height detecting and height correcting system is choosable.

Industrial PC ,windows operation system , full english interface ,very easy to operate.

Equipped with high quality Industrial CCD , powerful visual software makes programming easier and accurater.

High precison Panasonic servo motor ,ball screw  it's driving system , ensure  stable and precise run of  motion system.

Machine can fit high precision JET valve V-200, it's dispensing speed can reach 200Hz, min dispensing diameter can reach

   0.4mm,and fluid temperature control system ensures stable and consistant dispensing.

SD-240i  series  - Specifications



 Dispensing Scope


 Control System

 Industrial computer/motion control card

 Axis number

 X,Y,Z axis

 Motion system

 Servo motor and ball screws

 Max Work Movement Speed

 Max 500mm/s

 Min dispensing diameter


 Programming Type

 Camera teaching/CAD load

 Positioning Accuracy

 +/- 0.02mm

 Repeatable Accuracy

 +/- 0.02mm

 CCD visual system

 Industrial CCD(option)

 Glue weighing system (option)


 Power Supply

 AC220V 50~60Hz

 Total Power


 Air Requirement


 Overall Size L*W*H


High-Speed Dispensing Table SD-240i Details

Beautiful shape,Solid platform,equipped with

High quality step motor,sychronous belt which ensure stable and precise running of system .

High quality Nexcom industrial  PC ,

powerful software and integrated

control system.





Equipped with high quality Basler Industrial CCD(made in Germany ) and

Pentax camera lens(made in Japan).

CCD and Lens.JPG

High-Speed Dispensing Table SD-240i Programing

Professional ,unique visual software which can deal with complicated dispensing process,

it is suitable for below typical applcation:Underfill for advanced electronic packaging Camera module Voice coil motor etc.

Unique visual software


Advanced function(option):Laser height detecting  and height correcting system .

Glue level in tank detecting system .

Laser height detecting

High-Speed Dispensing Table SD-240i Include

SD-240i Configurations (Standard Included):

 X,Y,Z Axis dispensing Machine.

 Industrial PC ,monitor, Keyboard,mouse.

 3 axis servo driving system.

 CCD visual system.

 1 year parts warranty.

Optional configuration:

 ◎ V-200 Jet valve+controller+booster pump 1set

 ◎ Laser height detecting  and height correcting system

 ◎ Glue level  detecting system

 ◎ Nozzle heating device

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