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Flux Spraying Machine FS-350

Quick Overview
Flux Spraying System

Flux Spraying Machine FS-350 is the perfect companion for dip soldering, selective soldering, or small wave soldering systems that don't include a built-in fluxing function. Eliminate messy and inefficient spray bottles and keep your production area clean and tidy. Foot-pedal activation keeps the operator's hands free for manipulating the PCB over the flux nozzle. The system includes separate pressure regulators for flux flow and atomization. Shields on the top of the unit are adjusted per the PCB size to control overspray and recover excess flux.

Flux Spraying Machine FS-350 Features:

For use with dip soldering, selective soldering, or wave soldering systems that don’t have built-in fluxing functions

Eliminates sloppy and wasteful manual spray bottles and keeps production area clean

Foot pedal actuation allows operator to use both hands for handling boards while fluxing

Adjustable shields prevent overspray and help keep flux contained within unit

High precision spray nozzle has fine adjustments to control spray density and volume

Independent pressure regulators to control flux flow and atomization

Flux reservoir mounted to side of unit for easy access

Flux Spraying Machine FS-350 Specification:



  PCB Size

  350mm max.

  Overall Dimensions

  500mm W ×350mm D×680mm H  



  Power Requirements

  220V,Single Phase,50/60Hz,0.01KW  

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