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BGA Rework Station PRO-880+

Quick Overview
Automated Position, High-resolution Vision Alignment Rework Station

PRO-880+ is equipped with 100x camera, 4 thermocouple for real time profiling, 12 bottom heater and Panasonic servo moving system, can positioning, dismantle, pick&place, soldering automaticlly. Patently designed with movable upper/bottom heater, can rework many BGA with one time positioning.

Independent three-zone temperature control system.JPG


Independent three-zone temperature control system

Both upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air and the bottom zone is heated by infrared heater with a temperature accuracy of ±2℃. Both upper and lower heaters can heat components’ top sides and PCBs’ bottom sides simultaneously; bottom pre-heater can move along X and Y axis freely. Both upper and lower heaters can control 8 zones’ temperatures simultaneously. IR pre-heating zones’ heating area can be adjusted according to actual requirement so that PCBs are heated evenly.

Large-area(12-Zone) Bottom IR heater.JPG


Large-area(12-Zone) Bottom IR heater

Both BGA chip and PCBs can be heated in a localized way simultaneously, at the same time, PCBs’ bottom sides can be preheated by infrared heater in a large-area way complementarily, so PCB deformation during rework can be avoided completely.

Real-Time Data Recording and Profile Analysis.JPG


Real-Time Data Recording and Profile Analysis

High-precision K-type closed-loop thermocouple controllers and PID-parameter self-defining system are used. It can display seven temperature curves simultaneously and store numerous sets of user data. USB can be used to copy such data and real-time curve analysis is possible. The external temperature measuring interface enables precise temperature detection which can analyze and correct at any time the actually collected temperature data.

Accurate optical-alignment system.JPG


Accurate optical-alignment system

High-resolution adjustable color CCD optical visual alignment system is used for accurate optical alignment with spectral, amplification, de-amplification and fine-tuning functions and also equipped with automatic chromatism discrimination and brightness adjuster. Imaging resolution can be adjusted and displayed by 15” high-definition LCD to bring us a higher automation, thus avoiding human operating error completely, achieving the best rework for lead-free Socket775 and double-layer BGAs and other device.s So, it can adapt to lead-free rework totally.

Powerful locomotor system.JPG


Powerful locomotor system and Accurate Positioning device

The alignment system uses a joystick as controller which can control manually the movement of the optical system forwards, backwards, leftwards, and rightwards so that you can observe BGA chips’ four corners and center how the alignment status is, thus putting an end to “Observation blind-angle”. X axis, Y axis and R angle are fine-tuned by micrometer to bring us an accurate alignment with a precision of ±0.01mm. It is equipped with an infrared laser-positioning device so that locking is realized automatically after positioning is finished.

Easy Adjust PCB Clamping System.JPG


Easy Adjust PCB Clamping System

PCB positioning is realized by means of V slots for quick, easy and accurate positioning to lay out different PCBs and position PCBs with different sizes. Flexible, portable and movable universal fixture can protect PCBs and prevent PCB deformation and damage to components along PCB edges, thus ensuring the success rate of your reworks and adapting to the reworks of BGAs with various encapsulation sizes.

Operating system.JPG


Multi-function humanized operating system

HD touch-screen man-machine interface is used where you can select “Debug interface” or Operating interface” to prevent any wrong setting. Upper heating device and mounting head are made in an integrated way. Screw transmission system is available. Z-axis movement is controlled by Panasonic servo control system which can control both positioning and heating points accurately and identify sucking and mounting heights automatically, thus bringing us the functions of automatic soldering and de-soldering. Temperature, time, slope, cooling status and alarm all are displayed on touch screen. It is also equipped with various titanium-alloy BGA hot-air nozzles which can rotate by 360°and are easy to install and replace.

Self-defined temperature curve unit.jpg

Self-defined temperature curve unit

It can store groups of temperature settings and remember groups of various BGA chips’ heating points. You can analyze, set and correct temperature parameters with curves on touch screen at any time. Meanwhile, the machine does not need any external device (such as personal computer), but can download, print and save curve data by means of the built-in USB port.

PRO-880+ BGA Rework Station Feature

Both upper and lower temperature zones are for air heating; IR pre-heating zones use infrared heating system; both upper and lower temperature zones can heat from components’ top ends and PCBs’ bottom sides simultaneously and can be moved by hands along X and Y axes freely in IR preheating zone; temperature can be controlled with a precision of +/- 1℃; both upper and lower heaters can be set to heat eight sections’ temperatures simultaneously; IR preheating zone’s heating area can be adjusted according to actual requirements to heat PCBs evenly

Both BGA chips and PCBs can be locally heated simultaneously; meanwhile, large-area infrared heaters can be used to pre-heat PCBs’ bottom sides. This way, deformation of PCB when being reworked can be avoided completely. You may choose to use only upper or lower temperature zone, and upper and lower heaters can be grouped freely.

High-precision K-type thermocouple closed-loop controller and PID parameter self-tuning system are adopted. Seven temperature curves can be displayed and many pairs of parameters can be stored. U-disk can be used to copy and store tens of thousands of data sets. Instantaneous curve analysis can be performed. External temperature measuring interface is available to detect temperatures precisely. BGA temperature curves actually collected can be analyzed and checked anytime.

High-precision and high-accuracy adjustable CCD color optical vision alignment system is adopted which allows you to perform beam split, amplification, diminution and fine tuning. It is also equipped with automatic color difference discrimination and brightness adjustment device to adjust image clarity. 15” high-definition LCD display is also available. Its high-degree automation prevents human from wrong operation completely. It has the best effect for reworking lead-free socket 775 as well as double-layer BGAs and other chips.

High-definition touch-screen man-machine interface is adopted. This interface can be set as “Debug interface” and “Operate interface” to prevent wrong setting during operation. Both upper heating head and placement head are designed in an integrated way. Lead screw transmission system is used. Z-axis movement is driven by Panasonic servo controller system which can control both alignment points and heating points accurately. Suction and placement heights can be recognized automatically. Automatic soldering and de-soldering functions are available. Along with the passage of time after start-up, three temperature curves will be displayed on touch screen. Temperatures can be controlled with a precision of +/-1℃. Temperature, time, slope, cooling and alarm all are displayed on touch screen. It is equipped with a variety of titanium-alloy BGA nozzles which can be rotated by 360°and is easy to install and replace.

Alignment system is controlled by joystick. Optical system can be moved forwards, backwards, leftwards and rightwards manually by joystick to observe in an all-round way how BGA chips’ four corners and central points are aligned, thus putting an end to “observation dead-angle”. X-axis, Y-axis and R-angle can be fine-tuned by micrometer. Its alignment precision is up to +/-0.01mm. It is also equipped with Cross-shaped infrared laser fast-positioning system and can be locked automatically after positioning.

Multiple pairs of temperature settings can be stored and multiple sets of BGA chip heating points and alignment points can be stored. You may analyze, set and correct temperature parameters and curves any time on touch screen. Meanwhile, this machine does not need to rely on any external device (such as personal computer) but just uses its self-included USB port to download, print, save and analyze curves.

V-shaped slot is used to position quickly, easily and accurately PCBs with different arrangement and size. Flexible and convenient universal fixture provides enough protection to PCBs to prevent chips along PCBs’ edges from damage and PCBs from deformation, thus ensuring success rate for reworking BGAs with various encapsulation sizes.

Superior safety and protection: It is equipped with emergency stop switch and automatic power-off protector for abnormal accident. It is also equipped with titanium-alloy grid-guards to prevent hands from burning and objects from falling. After soldering or de-soldering is completed, alarm will be triggered. If temperature gets out of control, power will be cut off automatically, thus providing user with dual over-heat protection. Temperature parameters are protected with password to prevent any unauthorized modification. Also, other security protection and fool-proof function are provided to bring user superior security protection, ensuring reworked PCBs, components and rework station itself from being damaged by any abnormalities.

PRO-880+ Specification

PCB Specification

PCB Size (Minimum)


PCB Size (Maximum Allowable)


PCB Size (Recommended Max.)


PCB Thickness


Component Specification

Component Size

MAX 60*60mm MIN2*2mm

Minimum BGA Ball pitch


Placement Precision


Heating System

IR Bottom-heater


Component heater (Top)

Hot Air 1200W

Component heater (Bottom)

Hot Air 1200W

Temperature Control

K-Type Thermocouple; Closed Loop PID

Machine Specification

Main Power Source

Single phase AC 380V 50/60Hz

Total Power Consumption


Machine Dimensions


Net Weight


PRO-880+ BGA Rework Station Include

1 PC. RRO-880+ BGA Rework station with:

 High-definition optical alignment system(100X)

 ◎ Auto Z-axis motion and dual-pressure sensor

 ◎ Micrometer  adjustment for  X/Y-axis and R-angle(Calibrated)

 ◎ 12-Zone IR Bottom heater with height adjustable

 ◎ 4 Thermocouple inputs
 ◎ Laser alignment device can help realize fast alignment

 ◎ 2 adjustable PCB bottom-side support beams

 ◎ 4 adjustable PCB bottom-side support Pins

 ◎ Touch Screen + PLC+ High precision intelligent control module

 ◎ LED Light

 ◎ 15“ LCD Display

Free Parts:

 ◎ 1 PC.50*50mm Bottom Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.19*19mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.25*25mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.31*31mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.38*38mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 4 Pcs.K-type thermocouplels with connectors

 ◎ 1 PC.Top heater

 ◎ 1 PC.Bottom IR heater

 ◎ 1 PC.Brush

 ◎ 1 PC.4mm Vaccum Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.8mm Vaccum Nozzle

 ◎ 5  Pcs.silicone tips lead-free (4mm)

 ◎ 5  Pcs.silicone tips lead-free (8mm)

 ◎ 1 Set.Universal fixtures

 ◎ 1 set. Toolkit

 ◎ 1-Year Parts Warranty

Noted:Upper heater nozzles for top-side heating are available,all sized can be customized and ordered to meet  your applications,

Nozzles should be approximately 2-3 mm larger than the component.

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