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BGA Rework Station PRO-660

Quick Overview
Large Working Area,Vision Alignment

PRO-660 is the strengthen version of Pro-650. With all the function 650 have, it can handle bigger PCB.

Positioning bracket.jpg


Easily-adjusted PCB positioning bracket

PCB positioning is realized by V-shaped slots. Flexible, simple and portable universal fixture can protect PCBs, prevent components along PCB edges from damage and PCBs from deformation, and can adapt to the rework of encapsulated BGAs with various sizes. Maximum PCB size to be held is 450mm x 450 mm and the minimum PCB size is 8mm x 8mm.

Independent three-zone temperature control system.JPG


Independent three-zone temperature control system

Pro-660’s three temperature zone are heated independently, where both upper and lower temperature zones are heated by hot air and the bottom zone is heated by infrared heater with a temperature accuracy of ±3℃. Both upper and lower heaters can control different zones’ temperatures simultaneously; the IR pre-heater at the bottom zone can heat PCBs evenly. Meanwhile, IR preheating zone’s power output can be adjusted according to actual requirements so that temperatures can be set reasonably for more safe and reliable rework.

Integrated design for upper temperature zone.JPG


Integrated design for upper temperature zone

Upper heating head and mounting head are designed in an integrated way with the functions of automatic soldering and automatic mounting. Unique hot-air nozzle and mounting head’s dual-pressure sensor protection ensure that the BGA chips are not damaged by pressing. At the same time, it is equipped with various BGA hot-air nozzles which can be rotated by 360° arbitrarily, installed and replaced easily, and customized according to customer requirements. The enclosed laser alignment device can help realize fast alignment.



Micrometer is used to realize accurate X/Y-axis and R-angle alignment

Micrometer is used to realize accurate X/Y-axis and R-angle alignment with a precision of ±0.02mm.

Accurate optical-alignment system.JPG


Accurate optical-alignment system

High-resolution CCD optical visual alignment system is used with spectral, amplification, fine-tuning, and auto-focus functions and also equipped with automatic chromatism discrimination and brightness adjuster. Imaging resolution can be adjusted manually and displayed by 15” high-definition LCD, thus ensuring a simple, fast and accurate alignment between BGA chips and PCB pads with an alignment accuracy within 0.01-0.02 mm.



K-type closed-loop thermo-couple controller

High-precision K-type thermocouple is used as closed-loop controller with three external temperature interfaces to realize precise temperature measurement.

Cooling and exhausting systems.JPG


Cooling and exhausting systems

High-power cross-current fan can cool PCBs rapidly, thus preventing PCBs from deformation and ensuring higher soldering quality. Dual-channel exhausting system is included to prevent harmful gas from diffusion.

Upper temperature zones’ air flow adjuster can control flow accurately.JPG


Upper temperature zones’ air flow adjuster can control flow accurately.

Upper temperature zones’ air adjuster can control air flow accurately, thus preventing small BGAs or surrounding components from being blown away by too high flow.

Operating system.JPG


Multi-function humanized operating system

HD touch-screen man-machine interface and PLC controller are used. Three temperature curves can be shown simultaneously. The default temperature curves can be selected randomly or this interface may be used to modify and create the temperature curves. Temperatures can be precisely controlled within ±1 degree. De-soldering, mounting, or soldering mode can be selected and intelligent automation is also possible.


Self-defined temperature curve unit

6 zones’ temperatures are controlled independently which include preheating, heat preservation, heating, soldering and cooling respectively. Excellent temperature controlling system can guarantee better soldering effect. It can store 1-100 groups of temperature curves. You may perform curve analysis or change the settings simultaneously on touch screen.

PRO-660 BGA Rework Station Feature

Touch-screen interface and PLC controller. Three temperature curves can be displayed any time. The temperature is controlled accurately between -1 degree and 1 degree.

Six-section temperature controlling mode which includes pre-heating, warm keeping, heating, soldering 1, soldering 2 and cooling.

Excellent temperature controlling system ensures better soldering effect.

Up to1-100 pairs of temperature curves can be stored for you to analyze curves and change settings via touch screen at any time.

Total three independently controlled heating zones: The first and second heating zone could control temperatures in various sections and pairs. The third heating zone is to pre-heat PCBs in a large scale to achieve the best soldering effect. Temperature, time, slope and alarm

are all displayed on touch screen.

High-precision K-type thermocouple with closed-loop controller is adopted. External temperature measurement interface is available to

detect temperature accurately.

Alarm will be triggered after BGAs are de-soldered. Power can be interrupted automatically if temperature gets out of control due to its

dual over-heat protection.

High-power cross-flow fan is used to cool the PCBs quickly, thus preventing PCBs from deformation and ensuring the best soldering


PCBs are positioned by “V” slot. Flexible and convenient universal fixture provides enough protection to PCBs.

Touch screen can be used to control the upper heating system and optical alignment device which are easy to operate and can ensure

an alignment precision of 0.01-0.02mm.

It has Passed CE certificate.  It is equipped with emergency stop switch and protection equipment to power off automatically when

abnormal accident happened. Under this situation that temperature is out of control, circuit can automatically cut off the power with double

over temperature protection function.

High-precision optical video/image alignment system is adopted which allows you to perform beam-split, magnification and fine tuning and 15-inch color LCD monitor is also available.

It is highly automatic, can prevent human from operating errors and realized the best effect for lead-free processes as well as reworking

double-layer BGAs and other devices.


PRO-660 Specification

PCB Specification

PCB Size (Minimum)


PCB Size (Maximum Allowable)


PCB Size (Recommended Max.)


PCB Thickness


Component Specification

Component Size

MAX 60*60mm MIN 2*2mm

Minimum BGA Ball pitch


Placement Precision


Heating System

IR Bottom-heater


Component heater (Top)

Hot Air 800W

Component heater (Bottom)

Hot Air 1200W

Temperature Control

K-Type Thermocouple; Closed Loop PID

Machine Specification

Main Power Source

Single phase AC 220V 50/60Hz

Total Power Consumption


Machine Dimensions


Net Weight


PRO-660 BGA Rework Station Include

1 PC. RRO-660 BGA Rework station with:

 High-definition optical alignment system(50X)

 ◎ Auto Z-axis motion and dual-pressure sensor

 ◎ Micrometer  adjustment for  X/Y-axis and R-angle(Calibrated)

 ◎ 8-Zone IR Bottom heater with height adjustable

 ◎ 3  Thermocouple inputs
 ◎ Laser alignment device can help realize fast alignment

 ◎ 2 adjustable PCB bottom-side support beams

 ◎ 4 adjustable PCB bottom-side support Pins

 ◎ Touch Screen + PLC+ High precision intelligent control module

 ◎ LED Light

 ◎ 15“ LCD Display

Free Parts:

 ◎ 1 PC.50*50mm Bottom Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.19*19mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.25*25mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.31*31mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.38*38mm Top Nozzle

 ◎ 3 Pcs.K-type thermocouplels with connectors

 ◎ 1 PC.Top heater

 ◎ 1 PC.Bottom IR heater

 ◎ 1 PC.Brush

 ◎ 1 PC.4mm Vaccum Nozzle

 ◎ 1 PC.8mm Vaccum Nozzle

 ◎ 5  Pcs.silicone tips lead-free (4mm)

 ◎ 5  Pcs.silicone tips lead-free (8mm)

 ◎ 1 Set.Universal fixtures

 ◎ 1 set. Toolkit

 ◎ 1-Year Parts Warranty

Noted:Upper heater nozzles for top-side heating are available,all sized can be customized and ordered to meet  your applications,

Nozzles should be approximately 2-3 mm larger than the component.

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