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Dual station ● head dispenser GR300D2Y

Quick Overview
300 x 300mm Working range,dual head dispensing , 2 PCBs capacity

The GR300D2Y is an automated desktop type dispensing Robot with double-station and double-head,This robot can meet most demanding applications, especially suitable for high-volume productivity.

GR300D2Y Double station dispensing system with dual head Features

Functions of continuous input program with drawing points, lines, polygons, arcs, circles and irregular curves.

The amount, size and thickness of plastic, gluing speed, dispensing time and stop time can be set by parameter with a stable glue quantity without missed glue.

Adopting stepper motor as X, Y, Z -axis movement power source.

According to customer products, multiple dispensing needles are available and it can be connected with a variety of glue gun and glue

storage barrel.

One product can be dispensed with a variety of plastic once for all.Glue guns, tray and automatic heating system (optional)

Glue guns, tray and automatic heating system (optional).

According to your needs of dispensing process, design the most suitable models.

GR300D2Y - Specifications



 Dispensing Movement

 X 300mm Y 300mm Z 80mm   double-station and double-head

 Maximum Speed


 Mechanical Precision


 Repeat Accuracy


 Operation System

 Teaching pendant + Control card

 Drive sysytem

 Micro-stepping motor

 File Capacity

 2G memory ≤8000 programs

 Power supply

 AC220V 50-60Hz  0.75KW

 Dry compressed air required

 >0.6 Mpa

 Machine Size

 L850 x W640 x H660mm


 Approximately 80kg


 Gluego dispensing software






Adjustable precision  valve GR-H2222
Plunger structure ,small flow rate valve ,flow rate  can be ajusted ,small size and corrosion -resistant,it is suitable for midium -high viscosity ,and poor fluidity glue ,such as silicon glue ,epoxy glue,grease,red glue, sold paste,etc.








Micrometer high precision valve GR-D2121

Plunger structure ,flow rate can be ajusted precisely by micrometer ,small size and corrosion -resistant,it is suitable for UV glue ,grease, paint ,oil etc .low viscosity ,and good fluidity glue.




GR-600J Suck-Back Valve

The GR-600J Suck-Back Valve is designed to prevent extra protection against post-dispense dripping when dispensing low- to medium viscosity liquids.




AB Glue Mixing Valve GR-800J

The AB glue mixing valve GR-800J is deal for AB glue syringe , adopt pneumatic component, syringe can be installed quickly , simple mechanism and easy maintenace.

GR-800J Spc.jpg

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