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Automatic Tape Cutting Machine

Quick Overview
Handles waste tapes for chip mounter without manual work

The automatic tape cutting machine TC-680 handles waste tapes for chip mounter without manual work. It can entirely replace manual work by cutting SMT tapes regularly for recycling. It needs no dedicated site to place waste tapes but still realizes high-efficiency paid recovery processing.

Automatic Tape Cutting Machine TC-680 Feature

● Use microcomputer controlled cutting delay, have two modes of delayed cutting and sensor mode (cutting tapes with board mounting).


● The new tape cutting machine is applicable to various SMT, can cut off both the film of 0.04mm and the thick tape of 1.5mm easily.


● Adopt imported quality hard high-speed steel tooth-form cutters, the machine can cut various material tapes like scissor and has stable and durable performance. Effective cutting width is 680mm.


● Compact size,easy for use and storage.


● Light weight, solid and durable, the material box is equipped with safety sensor machine will stop cutting without tape .


● Adopt dual linear guide rail driving system processed by precision CNC machine.


● Driven by a precise gear motor, the machine needs no compressed air toavoid unstable cutting caused by unstable air pressure.


Operatingtemperature and humidity

10±40 ℃, 20%-90%RH       

Material of tape

Paper tape of 8M, plastic tape of 8-44M, and PTFE soft tape (optional)      

Cutting period      

9 s(excluding delayed pause time)

Effective cutting width

680MM (can be customized according to customer’s chip mounter)      

Overall dimension

(L) 900X (W) 260 X (H) 430      





Optional parts list:

 ◎ Upper main cutter (imported high-speed steel), durable period:1-2 years

 ◎ Lower auxiliary cutter (imported high-speed steel) , durable period:1-2 years

 ◎ Driving belt, durable period: 1-2 years

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